Mania Dance Studio is a purpose built

dance and cheerleading studio in Arbroath.

Learn Hip Hop * Street * Modern * Tap * Cheerleading.


Starting from

 age 3 intro to dance - Extreme crews.


Mania perform in dancing & cheerleading show yearly.


Mania dancers compete in competitions with

UDO, Maximum Dance and many more.


Mania Stars (cheerleaders) compete in competitions with BCA & Scotcheer.


Mania has 4 Street Dance Crews & 3 cheerleading squads who compete in competitions:-

               Street Dance Crews          Cheerleading Squads

        WEE CREW (under 6s crew)      Mini cheer (4-7)

DIVA'S (under 10's crew)      Youth cheer (8 - 11)

TNT (under 14's crew)           Senior cheer (12 - 17)

              MDC (under 18's crew)                    


Dance Workshops every school holidays


If you want to be part of the excitement come along a try your first class FREE!!

Check out timetable for a class to suit


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Celebrating 15 years of dance & cheer!!

Welcome to Mania Dance Studio

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